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Adhesives for Healthcare Environments

                        RollSmart. The Smart Choice.

                               By Don Styka, Tarkett, CFI #383

             esilient flooring manufacturers often have more   manner. The porosity of the substrate (porous vs. non-
             than one adhesive recommendation for a particular   porous) will determine the adhesive open time and the size
        Rtype of flooring material. Where the flooring is being   of the trowel.
        installed—and the intended use of the space—should be
        understood prior to determining which recommended   In applications over non-porous substrates where the open
        adhesive to use.                                    time of the water-based adhesive is extended to allow the
                                                            adhesive to reach a drier state prior to installing the floor,
        While water-based adhesives are normally the first choice   the rolling of the floor with a 100 pound, three-section
        and typically used, there might be a reason to switch to   roller doesn’t eliminate the trowel ridges. Even when using
        a two-part urethane or epoxy adhesive. These reasons   a smaller trowel often recommended for non-porous
        could include applications where topical moisture or heavy   substrates, these trowel ridges can be visible after installation.
        equipment, furniture or rolling traffic is present. An example   The visibility of this telegraphing can be accentuated by
        of this is in hospital patient rooms where two-part adhesives   lighting conditions and the application of high-gloss floor
        are commonly used under patient beds to avoid adhesive   finish.
        displacement from the tapered bed wheels.

                                        Adhesive displacement
                                                                          Trowelable adhesive telegraphing in patient room
        While the location of the installation and the use of the space
        are factors in choosing the proper adhesive, restricting traffic   Healthcare applications are challenging because of the
        and the waiting period necessary before performing the   rolling loads, stationary equipment and patient beds that
        initial maintenance on the new floor after installation will be   contribute to adhesive displacement and the use of high-
        determined based on the type of adhesive selected.  gloss floor finish that makes undulations in the substrate and
                                                            trowel ridges more visible. Another restriction related to
        Most trowelable adhesives require that all traffic be restricted   trowelable adhesives is waiting a minimum of 24 hours before
        for a minimum of 24 hours after installation to avoid adhesive      heat welding.
        displacement and up to 72 hours before placement of
        furniture, opening the floor to rolling loads, and performing   Tarkett RollSmart Fast-Drying Vinyl Flooring Adhesive was
        the initial maintenance.                            developed with our healthcare customers in mind and is
                                                            recommended for Tarkett homogeneous and heterogeneous
        Two-part adhesives require a wet-set application while water-  sheet vinyl and LVT. We know that the aforementioned
        based adhesives could be applied in a wet-set or dry-to-touch   challenges exist in medical facilities and the ability to shut
                                                            down areas to allow the adhesive to reach a dry state to avoid
                                                            displacement, heat weld or perform the initial maintenance
                                                            on the new floor can be very disruptive and costly to their

                                                            RollSmart was designed to address all of the challenges
                                                            associated with healthcare installations. RollSmart can be
                                                            applied with a 3/8” nap paint roller on both porous and non-
                                                            porous substrates. The adhesive is ready for installation after
                                               Trowel Ridges  15 minutes.

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