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A Word from Scott Humphrey

                                                                         By Scott Humphrey, CEO, WFCA, CFI

        I am Scott Humphrey, CEO of the WFCA – parent organization to CFI. Though CFI is transitioning in leadership,
        our focus is undeterred. Since its inception in 1993, CFI has set an industry standard for installation and has
        tirelessly crusaded to push the importance of continued education and certification for retailers and installers
        alike. Building on the legacy of Jim and Jane Walker and Robert Varden, the time is right to continue to elevate
        professional flooring installation to garner the respect and admiration it deserves. The CFI Advisory Council
        maintains a focus on our purpose of “promoting the professionalism of the floor covering installation trade.”
        Our mission has been reaffirmed and is strengthened by four pillars that define how we succeed: Education,
        Certification, Membership Growth, and acting as a unified Voice.

        Our industry has been plagued by one major issue for the last 50+ years, and CFI is committed to being a vital
        link in solving that challenge – The Installation Crisis. It has never been clearer that the future of our industry
        rests on the shoulders…and knees of the professional installer. In fact, it is clear the shortage of skilled labor in
        the flooring industry cannot be solved without the commitment and the resources of CFI. No entity has trained
        and certified more professional installers over the last 30 years, and none is more committed to moving the
        industry forward. CFI is not a trade organization. It is a community and a tight-knit group of hard-working, loyal,
        and proud individuals who are driven by the pursuit of excellence and who know what it means to be CFI Strong.

        We celebrate CFI’s legacy and take the next step forward by charting a plan that strengthens our foundation,
        builds on our momentum, and sets a clear vision for the future to create a significant impact in the flooring
        industry. The circumstances before us provide a window of opportunity. The intensity of the labor crisis is only
        met by the overwhelming need and demand for this skillset. We will not miss this opportunity to build on the
        foundation of our past as we set out to change our trade and our industry. But we must act now before the
        window closes.

        With your help, we will welcome a new generation to our trade, continue to improve our professionalism, and
        justify a higher value for our workmanship. We will work with other training organizations and the FCEF to
        establish this trade as a viable option for high school students, those entering trade school, and all who are
        seeking a way to use their skillset and artistry to create a beautiful masterpiece on every subfloor.

        CFI will continue to define our industry. We are so thankful you are a part of what will undoubtedly be the best
        years of CFI.

        THANK YOU!
        Scott Humphrey

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